Friday, September 19

~ a wonderful friday ~

leaving this morn, i stopped at a coupla garage sales. found some old books & a cute 'lil engraved wood frame. next stop ~ fur coats!! even tho it was 80 degrees today, furs were hard to pass up. $5.00 for a box of them, white, biege-y, & dark brown. i am thinking collars & coats for santas! then to a cute shop,( next time pics, i know... ) that i have been selling a few things at. in a tiny, do not blink town ~ along the interstate. the witchy-poos are some i made with the stik noses & some wool candlemats. more on that later. then on to sisters' garden kalona, iowa. it was barbi's fall open house. what a wonderful fall feel it was!! you just wanted to stay all day & enjoy all the wonderful treasures! i bought some mums, they are huge! bushel basket size, just lovely. soo love, love, love fall. there was furniture in the yard, the shops were filled. punkins & gourds all about... i saw my friend sharon, sweet repose ~ check out her blog for more pics! i bought some of her soaps, the carmel apple is awesome. if u need your mouth washed out, that would be the one to use! m'mmm. the upstairs bathroom smells soo good! then when i got home i had a package waiting for me from my blog friend, sweet dawn, the feathered nest. it had the most adorable shoe pin cushion in it & the sweetest red check baby dress. thank*u! thank*u! sweet friend! i am soo truly blessed & honored & humbled to have such wonderful friends! hugs to ya ~ sharon & barbi & dawn! thank*u for a lovely day! humble ♥

Thursday, September 18

~ computer is back home, but still slow...

woo hoo!! i finally got the computer back!!! & it loaded a picture... it took forever ~ and dunno if i will be able to git it published or not since it said it could not contact blogger. there still must be an interference in the house somewhere. too much technical 'stuff' for me! this is a pic of the booth the first of the month after i took some things in. been doing well. this month ~ september so far has been a bit slow. will try more pics later. medical tests came back ok ~ thank*you God!!! will have more at a later date. just wanted to say have a wonderful blessed thursday m'friends! humble ♥

Thursday, September 11

~ 'why' wonder... ~

i am gonna try this & see how far i can git... our computer is running slow, so made some phone calls today ~ all this technical stuff!!! and cords? what is plugged to where? and the computer is setting on a desk with a back on it on the bottom so u can not see where is plugged to what... so i am gonna do as much as i can & let the hubby do the rest later. i can not git a picture to load, it takes too long & then it loses it contact. i just wanted to write to say have a very beautiful creative friday & week*end. along with the computer issues, i have been having some health issues going on & tests ran. most have been coming back ok ~ thank* u God. some are stress related due to family deaths & dealings at this time. we all have things to deal with & i believe we are stronger for all our struggles in our lives. we may wonder 'why' & then i always come across someone less fortunate than i ~ and am so grateful & thank*ful for my small trying times i have... & wonder how i could even ask 'why' in the first place. have a lovely friday & week*end m'friends. humble ♥