Wednesday, December 31

~ may your new year be filled with love ~

may your new year be filled with joy, peace, & love. to have carefree thoughts as my 'lil "o" 's. being thank*ful for each day ~ to remember to count your blessings ~ in everything give thanks!much love, many hugs & blessings to all! humble ♥

Saturday, December 27

~ crazy, crazy weather!!! ~

is this december? or spring? whatever... for now it is 50 degrees!!! so thought i post a flowery pic since it is soo balmy out. kinda weird ... monday went to see my lil 'o' & it was 10 degrees below zero! with wind chills 30-40 below zero. last nite we went to see the lil 'o' & kidz & it was soooo foggy but yet windy! with all the snow the foggy was just rolling ~ it looked like snow blowing, could not even see the tail lites when a car passed on the interstate. we were fortunate that we were familiar with the interstate & the exits or we woulda missed the one we needed. prayers were for the ones traveling last nite & this week-end with the holiday. what a difference a coupla days make here in ioway! it is to git cold agin by afternoon with ice storm warnings ~ it is rainy & changing over to sleet & snow. a roller coaster ride of weather. ' lil otis was confused, too. the first time it snowed he looked at me, like where did the grass go? now he is familiar with snow. today when he went out he looked at me as if to ask where did the snow go? now it is all grass agin... too funnie... =) just stick around the weather will change agin, usually in a short period of time. humble ♥

Thursday, December 25

~ ♥ a verrie merrie CHRISTmas ♥ ~

a beautiful merrie CHRISTmas to all!!! this is one of many beautiful hand-dids i recieved from my beautiful & talented daughter - in - love.... will post more pics later of our Christmas but for now...

our son, kyle & his son, owen ~ our lil 'o' putting on some of the higher ornaments & tree topper...

this was my 'lil 'o' decorating the tree! he was really concentrating! he had a few items on some branches, some backwards, some upside down ~ some with no decorations & some with many... i just left them the way he did it. it made me smile every time i saw the tree ~ love the lil guy sooo much. don't u love his charlie brown t-shirt? sucha cutie!

this is my santa riding his crow i made this year. i just love the way he turndt out! it is much better in person, his face is adorable! i love the message above, too, on the shelf ~ in everything give thanks ~

merrie CHRISTmas dear friends! this is a wool santa mat i have made. i change the kitchen island every season & have the small vintage drawer there & spell out seasonal messages for the holidays... or for the time of the year... hope all are having a wonderful holiday with family,friends & loved ones! and let every ♥ heart ♥ prepare room for Him this day & always ~ humble ♥

Sunday, December 21

~ the other days were cold, but this was a frigid Sunday ~

we were really blessed today, Sunday, that the power stayed on. sometimes the wind gusts were over 20 mph & the wind chill was 30 below. ground blizzard conditions & with more snow north it was much worse. it was good to be able to cozy in. had to only walk once with ruger early in the morn. and did not have to go far since he realized it was sooo cold, too. the other times hubby had the cold pleasure. the 'lil otis just goes out & does his thing & comes right back in... sucha good puppy! hubby is on call with the power company & had to go out in the afternoon for a few hours. did not envy him at all. love snow but this was wayyy too cold. roads are all ice packed & slick. many accidents with the blowing snow over the icy spots. hopefully for travelers tomorrow the roads will be better & the winds will not be so strong! * keep warm & toasty thoughts ~ humble ♥

Friday, December 19

~ another visit from the brrrrr *angels* ~

we seem to be in another pattern here with the ice & snow like last year December. it is really very pretty with the glistening & all. * mother natures' bling * i do feel bad for the people who have to travel every day in this kind of weather. especially now with the holidays & the merchants/vendors for the big holiday sales. i am so grateful that i am able to stay home when the roads are bad. i will take my walks in this beautiful snow & scoop/clean the walk & driveway ~ but not drive ~ unless i have to. the ice is very thick & of course i am not real fond of slipping - sliding around walking then. i have been enjoying baking & candy making, finishing up wrapping presents. there is always something to do. i am so blessed ~ to be able to do what i love & enjoy all the wonderful beauty & smells of the season. remembering & being thankful for the reason of the season! ~ *may Gods' love & peace comfort you always* ~ humble♥

Monday, December 15

~ baby it is cold outside! ~

you gotta love mother nature! yesterday, Sunday, here in Iowa it was 53 degrees... it dropped several degrees in the afternoon after being that warm into the 20's very quickly. we had rain showers, then freezing rain, thunder & lightning & very windy. by then everything was freezing. by my last walk in the afternoon the drops went to dripping to freezing! this morning it is in the minus degrees with wind chills minus teens to twenty! very refreshing (re-freezing) walks!!! i am soo grateful that i am able to git out & about & enjoy the seasons. i will go & walk, but not drive! i am even more grateful for the warm house ~ cozy atmosphere inside! the warm coffee with toffee creamer helps, too! love it! have a wonderful cozy monday! humble ♥

Wednesday, December 10

~ the wonderful seasons of iowa ~

looking thru some of my pics i noticed that i had pics of the yard in the summer & now with the snow. you can see how hot it was the day my lil 'o' was squirting the water ~ he loved playing with the hose! will have to post some more of the watering pics later. it was probably in the upper 80's that day that owen was 'helping water plants' ~ with the snow & rain (ice) we got yesterday, it is to be 16 degrees tonite. they are saying upper 40's on sunday. crazy weather... like the saying goes, stay for another day ~ the weather will be different tomorrow. something like that... have a wonderful thursday m'friends. humble♥

Tuesday, December 9

~ a snowy hello ~

we had a gorgeous snowfall one sunday morn. it was the very pretty covered everything snowfall. i love it when it snows like that. when i walked it was soo beautiful with it just covering all the branches, fences, railings ~ so lovely. i am so grateful to be able to see & enjoy Gods' beauty in every day. lil otis went outside looking for the grass to do his potty duty & did not know what to think... the sidewalks were still warm so not as much snow so he decided that the sidewalk would work. since we have gotten more snow ~ otis decided he loves it now & is hard to git to come inside 'coz he knows he has to git wiped off & doesn't care for that much. sucha snow magnet is he! otis is a wonderful puppy. so loveable & very mellow fellow. he has his silly spells & how he makes me laugh. the other furry members of the family are adjusting to the newest member. some times are better than others but they all seem to git along well. have a wonderful tuesday friends! humble ♥

Friday, October 10

~ my 'lil 'o' s.... ~

what can i say? to see such delight in a little boy & a puppy. spent a wonderful day with my precious grandson owen & he wanted to see otis. we took a walk & played & tried to eat corn stalks laying in the path. i dunno who had more fun? grandson, puppy, yep they did! but i think i had the most fun. i am truly blessed. have a lovely, wonderful week*end & enjoy life! humble ♥

Tuesday, October 7

~ doesn't this make you wanna smile ??? ~

does this 'lil face just make you wanna smile??? this is 'otis' our new four-legged fur angel. he is ten weeks old, born july 31st. a brown & white shih-tzu. it has almost been 10 years since we had a 'lil fur ball baby in the house. the other members of the fur family are not sure of him yet, but are slowly coming around. he is sucha good little puppy & we are really loving & enjoying 'otis' ! now we have two 'lil 'o's. our 'lil grandson 'owen' picked the 'otis' name from many we had... owen is sooo precious to us!!! maam'ma gets to see her 'lil 'o' tomorrow & he wants me to bring otis along... so will get pics! have a blessed & wonderful wednesday! humble ♥

~ still trying to git this 'puter fixed... ~

i soo miss my blogging & trying to comment on my friend's blogs... as of yesterday & dayz of calling & all passing the buck as to what is wrong... will see if this works. still git a black screen when trying to git to different blogs or locations. but fer now, at least it is letting me write & so far has not lost a connection. ~ too complicated fer me! just want it to work & enjoy so it is not a hassle. been busy with painting furniture, gitting fall fun things out & going to fun places... hopefully i can git my pics loaded & show you things i have been up to. been out & about with sharon of sweet repose & if u check out her blog you will see the wonderful pics she takes!! i also caved & got a new baby... it was a puppy that just caught my heart ♥ strings. i will post a pic of lil 'otis' later. he was gonna be wilson, since i was with wilson, she bought a wood box with wilson, and we past a street called wilson, actually 2 times since my radar of direction was off, so was my head to git a puppy! therefore the name 'otis' 'o' for 'oh' 't' for 'this ' 'i' for 'is' 's' for 'silly' or i guess 's' could be stupid & lotsa other things. and our grandson lil 'o' owen liked otis, too. so 'otis' it is! it was a puppy or cupboard, my hubby said i did not need either one... true... but... more later... have a wonderful creative tuesday m'friends. blessings & hugs ~ humble ♥

Friday, September 19

~ a wonderful friday ~

leaving this morn, i stopped at a coupla garage sales. found some old books & a cute 'lil engraved wood frame. next stop ~ fur coats!! even tho it was 80 degrees today, furs were hard to pass up. $5.00 for a box of them, white, biege-y, & dark brown. i am thinking collars & coats for santas! then to a cute shop,( next time pics, i know... ) that i have been selling a few things at. in a tiny, do not blink town ~ along the interstate. the witchy-poos are some i made with the stik noses & some wool candlemats. more on that later. then on to sisters' garden kalona, iowa. it was barbi's fall open house. what a wonderful fall feel it was!! you just wanted to stay all day & enjoy all the wonderful treasures! i bought some mums, they are huge! bushel basket size, just lovely. soo love, love, love fall. there was furniture in the yard, the shops were filled. punkins & gourds all about... i saw my friend sharon, sweet repose ~ check out her blog for more pics! i bought some of her soaps, the carmel apple is awesome. if u need your mouth washed out, that would be the one to use! m'mmm. the upstairs bathroom smells soo good! then when i got home i had a package waiting for me from my blog friend, sweet dawn, the feathered nest. it had the most adorable shoe pin cushion in it & the sweetest red check baby dress. thank*u! thank*u! sweet friend! i am soo truly blessed & honored & humbled to have such wonderful friends! hugs to ya ~ sharon & barbi & dawn! thank*u for a lovely day! humble ♥

Thursday, September 18

~ computer is back home, but still slow...

woo hoo!! i finally got the computer back!!! & it loaded a picture... it took forever ~ and dunno if i will be able to git it published or not since it said it could not contact blogger. there still must be an interference in the house somewhere. too much technical 'stuff' for me! this is a pic of the booth the first of the month after i took some things in. been doing well. this month ~ september so far has been a bit slow. will try more pics later. medical tests came back ok ~ thank*you God!!! will have more at a later date. just wanted to say have a wonderful blessed thursday m'friends! humble ♥

Thursday, September 11

~ 'why' wonder... ~

i am gonna try this & see how far i can git... our computer is running slow, so made some phone calls today ~ all this technical stuff!!! and cords? what is plugged to where? and the computer is setting on a desk with a back on it on the bottom so u can not see where is plugged to what... so i am gonna do as much as i can & let the hubby do the rest later. i can not git a picture to load, it takes too long & then it loses it contact. i just wanted to write to say have a very beautiful creative friday & week*end. along with the computer issues, i have been having some health issues going on & tests ran. most have been coming back ok ~ thank* u God. some are stress related due to family deaths & dealings at this time. we all have things to deal with & i believe we are stronger for all our struggles in our lives. we may wonder 'why' & then i always come across someone less fortunate than i ~ and am so grateful & thank*ful for my small trying times i have... & wonder how i could even ask 'why' in the first place. have a lovely friday & week*end m'friends. humble ♥

Sunday, August 24

~ i enjoy my flowers ~

today was another gorgeous iowa day. usually this time of the year everything is getting dried up & the humidity is un-bearable to be outside. it was a wonderful day to be out & enjoy mother natures' lovely flowers! i cleaned one of the flower beds today & enjoyed the lovely weather. you can tell the days are getting shorter & that fall is not far behind. hope everyone has a blessed week. humble ♥

Friday, August 22

~ a fun friday with m'friend ~

i am truly blessed to have such nice friends in my life. today my friend sharon of sweet repose asked me to ride along on her wonderful trip to kalona & to anamosa to deliver her 'treasured finds', her yummy scented candles, & wonderful soaps. she has the most yummy*est smelling truck in iowa! when we lived on the outskirts of iowa city ~ i frequently went to sisters' & i have known sharon for as many years, too, with her wonderful shops. i love them! so it was good to ride along! this time we went to a different one that was sooo me! primitives & rustic! of course i find something & put on layaway. you know i am the layaway queen ~ that way u have'ta go back & get to check it out again! =) sharon took some pics, check them out on her blog - sweet repose. thank*u again m'dear. humble♥

Wednesday, August 20

~ take the time to notice the flowers ~

i dunno where the time goes ~ but it is almost friday again! i just had to take time to mention the flowers & how much beauty surrounds us! if we wait too long another season has passed & we may miss another lovely flower that makes us smile. i have been wayyy to busy cleaning, organizing & just busy stuff. but i am soo thank-ful for natures' beauty no matter what the season & get out daily to enjoy it. have a wonderful thursday & hope you enjoy the lovely daily blessings ~ humble ♥ heart

Friday, August 8

~ contest entry ~

for my entry i used a blank small composition book, the 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 size. covered it with the pretty blue card stock. i shrank the lovely image & deckle scissors cut it out. i covered the binding of the comp book with a piece of vintage lace & added a piece of the pretty blue yarn with a small silver heart embellishment attached. i also put a silver heart on the image in the circles. then before gluing on the image i darkened the edges of the book & image & the letters i stamped & cut out. sepia accents were applied to the key on the image for some dimension. this image was so pretty as it was & thought this small journal was a good idea. ~ this is such a blessing to be able to create & enter this contest. i find it a challenge to get something done. it is not about the winning (altho that would be great!) i can see possibilities in the images we are given & it is a wonderful way to accomplish an art piece. i have many things i want to do ~ mebbe i should give it all a deadline? ~ it would push me to accomplish more art pieces... ? humble ♥ heart

Sunday, August 3

~ sucha sweet blessing ...

one afternoon a week or so ago i heard this high pitched little noise in our garage. i have heard it before ~ so i knew it was a 'lil hummer. it seems every year one gets stranded in our garage. i know i need to catch the precious little sweetie ~ to get them to some flowers for nourishment. they are soo quick, but seem to know to have me catch them to get them out into God's lovely nature, to replenish their energy. this 'lil one just posed for me ~ i was so grateful & thankful to have been blessed by one of many of His wonderful creations... humble♥

Tuesday, July 29

random acts ~

days... from when i walked with ruger ~ having another neighborhood dog run out & act like he was gonna eat both of us. he did nip ruger some, but did not draw blood. ruger is fine! it was just scarey. to seeing an attny for my dads' estate. to sitting & waiting for almost 5 hours for an oil change. it just was one of those days. the wait was long because they were gonna check out more things in my jeep. they took me in the courtesy vehicle to a nice coffee shop ~ and had some reading/paperwork to do. so thought a couple of hours i could do this... but was tooo long! while i was there, tho, i did see a couple of things i may have missed had i not been there that long. one was this kind gentle giant of a man. he noticed a gal who was working not feeling well, & gave her an adjustment when she stepped out from behind the counter, he just touched a few pressure points on her neck & side of her head ~ she asked him how did u know i did not feel well, he said i just knew. i smiled at him & we just exchanged a few words. the other was another gentleman who had torn jeans, hat, elderly sweet guy. he got some of the day old bakery items. he came over & started visiting with me. (everybody talks to me ~ i can walk thru grocery store & people come up & talk. my hubby will say, who was that? i say i dunno... another earth angel?) i asked him how much were the bakery items, he said here, my gift to you. i declined & offered then to pay... he said you know when you are offered a gift you should accept graciously... he said they have plenty more & i git them for free ~ i feed the birds. he not only fed the birds ~ he fed me. what a blessing. humble♥

Saturday, July 26

a beautiful booth ~ now

today our son, kyle, and i did a project together. we have a booth at a mall, that used to be a old bus barn. nothing fancy about this place ~ cement floors, peeling ceilings, no air conditioning, & in the winter - be sure to wear warm clothes & gloves! the booths are very plain so we decided to dress ours up. the previous tenant moved out early, so it was perfect timing for us to work in the space. we talked of many ideas for the walls ~ and the kidz decided on using boards, so we can hammer into them & will be more stable. he staggered the boards since the floor is so uneven & gives it a more rustic effect. kyle did all the measuring & cutting & putting up the boards & shelves. shanna did the staining & distressing. & me ~ i git to enjoy our new warm welcoming space. it is sooo wonderful! i love the way it turned out! i so appreciate my kidz. i am so blessed. it was a great day to spend with my son ~ i love u! kyle does a beautiful job with woodworking ~ he has made cabinets & cupboards for their home & a gorgeous oak changing table/dresser for lil 'o'. i will post about them sometime, too. he does an amazing job ~ especially at being the best son i could ever ask for, husband & dad ~ soo proud of you! thank*u-thank*u again & again. humble♥

Thursday, July 24

a wonderful outdoor antique show

these are pics from when we ( my lovely daughter*in*law, shanna, who i love calling my daughter!) & i went to an outdoor antique show. it was a gorgeous day. she loves so many things that i do ~ we have wonderful times together! tonite i had my lil 'o' therapy & remembered to ask her what she did with the spool cabinet she bought. one booth had a wonderful collection of spool cabinets. shanna spotted one she loved & it has a wonderful home ~ at their beautiful house. she loves making quilts, prim dolls, crows, & many other hand*did treasures. also loves doing scrapbooky things ~ cards ~ books & other fun projects. shanna loves to paint furniture & does a wonderful job at everything she does ~ especially being sucha lovely wife & mom... love u! i am sooo blessed! humble ♥