Thursday, January 15

now... it is ~ baby! it! is! cold! outside!!!

on a previous post i stated it was cold out... well, this morning i had my lil' owen duty & we had 6 to 7 inches of snow wednesday & a blast of frigid air! on the way to see the lil' guy the thermometer was at minus 27 below zero. with the wind chill it was 50 some degrees below zero!!! there were quite a few semis' & cars along the interstate still in the ditches. on the radio, they announced that they called alaska & it was 46 degrees, think i will go there ~ that is a heat wave compared to this. i usually NEVER venture out in this weather, driving wise, i still walk ~ but not as far. it was soo worth it ~ the warm hugs & love from the lil' guy made for a happy warm toasty day! we played & had a wonderful time! always a delight to see my two lil' "o's" play together. i can hardly believe it is almost friday agin. have a great creative friday & week-end. stay warm & cozy, m'friends. hugs & blessings, humble ♥

Friday, January 9

so warm & cozy

my hubby who was to lay by the bed that owen was in til lil' 'o' fell asleep... guess who fell asleep first? Bill is soo wonderful. i am soo blessed to have him put up with me.
owen on one of his summer visits ~ is he not precious or what? the lil' 'o' toes!!! Sharon of Sweet Repose? ( see side bar to visit her wonderful blog) remember this bed i bought from you? it was white with green paint under neath? well, u know me, had to paint it a dark color & sand it down in spots. I put a bigger wood applique on it, kept the white one that you had on it for a journal or collage perhaps?

this is sylvester 'vester ' the onery cat. ( like Dawn calls it at The Feathered Nest (see side bar to visit her wonderful blog) - cat is giving me the flat eye) ( we call it the evil eye) the one who is soo loveable but the one who is the pain in my backside. he likes to once in awhile leave his tootsie rolls where they do not belong, even tho his litter box is available & clean... he was a stray who came to the door when we lived in northern iowa. over 14 -15 years ago. i opened the door to say 'hi', he walked in & stayed. no one claimed him, now i know why...

another precious shot of my favorite lil' guy. he had just took a tumble & scraped his head. one of many when you are two.

this my phoebe. she was not liked by her mom so i fed her bottles in between her mom allowing her to feed, at my holding so she could feed for a little while. she has always been there, seems to know when i need a fur hug. she loves to find the coziest spot & curl -up. she, like vester, are both teen-agers so they have slowed down a bit. such fur angels they are.

this is another of my 'cupboards' of course that i love. it is a corner one & the drawer is made of one burl of wood. and of course another one of my lil' lites, tucked behind a shutter. i love seeing the old quilts i have 'flea' 'junque' found... i switch them around every once in awhile & have one draped on the couch & chair. so we can enjoy even more. i adore looking at all the small stitches ~ think of all the time involved in such intricate work. it makes me smile at the handi-work & love. soo love the ol'timey & hand-dids. even if i find a bag of scraps i use them on my projects. the journals, a pocket on a santa, ornament, dress for a doll, etc. whatever it looks like it would be. have a warm & cozy week-end m'friends. humble ♥
be sure to check out Sharon at Sweet Repose, she makes such lovely unique necklaces & has a wonderful flair with her photography & words , painting furniture, soaps, candles & alot of great talents!... also check out Dawn at The Feathered Nest, such a sweetie. she makes the most lovely creations & is soo inspiring & encouraging. very beautiful person, with many talents. she did my blog header & has the most beautiful designs featured in magazines! on covers, no less... both love the vintage ol' timey look, too! two very talented ladies that i am blessed to have in my life as friends. both are listed on my side bar. the other ones listed are soo wonderful,too. humble ♥

Tuesday, January 6

moving santas to snopeople

some years i put out a mix of both santas' & snopeople but this year just did the santa thing. i have now switched them for the snopeople. this is one of my fave cabinets, love. the color. actually most of my cabinets are my favorites! can you tell i like the ol' gold color/mustardy tones? you can see it on most of my walls in the house. the neat thing about the wall paint color is that, at during the day or evening it takes on different tones, it doesn't always look the same, love that! i grunged & painted the candle stik. i love. the battery candle look lite. they are great for the spots where u need some soft glow & mebbe not a plug-in around. i made some of the snopeople & the bottle. the chimney box with all the trimmings & santa i made, too. speaking of making things ~ check out joanna pierrotti moss hill studio blog. (click on joanna's art on side bar) she makes the greatest things from vintage re*purposed, re♥loved things. ~ things i love doing & seeing, too ~ joanna is having a new year 2009 give away. a bottle with a sweet lil' doll face on it. look at her past blogs & see what she does with baby shoes & check out her studio she used at one time. it is one that i would love to have! have a fun wonderful wednesday friends. humble ♥

Monday, January 5

fun kitchen lite...

this is another one of my fun lites & this is in my kitchen at Christmas time.( sorry about the pic with the cord showing from lite on top of cabinet. it is usually tucked behind. )i saw it at a shop so had to go 'junquing' for a colander. this one had the wonderful fun design of stars, which i loved. i bent the feet back, turned it upside down, kinda angled it a bit, & put a 'lil lamp/lite under it. at nite the lite shines thru the stars & makes a cool reflection of the design. this makes neat lite for a kitchen, mebbe even as a shade. filled with greenery, pinecones, berries with a battery candle lamp in it. use with flowers, whatever, not only for the holidays if want to. lotsa possiblities for a colander ~ not just for rinsing anymore! hope you find something fun/creative to do ~ blessings & hugs ~ humble♥

Friday, January 2

~ may 2009 *shine* in His love ~

may all my friends have a wonderful 2009! may His love ~ peace ~ blessings surround you. i wrote in my journal yesterday to listen more, talk less. just be still & know He is God. do what you love & are blessed with. create more & complain less. do something fun everyday & smile & laugh. this is a pic of my table in the great room. i lamps -lites -candles. most of my 'lil lites are on 24/7/365. it always makes me smile to see the glow & this lovely message on this vintage sign. my hopes & prayers for you in 2009 ~ Jesus Never Fails ~ hugs & blessings ~ humble ♥