Thursday, March 11

~pretty soon...

last nite we had some rain & lightning & thunder boomers! wow, seems like we jump from snow... yep it is almost all gone from our yard... to the next thing... which is ok with me... seeing the snow gone for now & seeing more & more green, all washed now from the rains.
i even have the windows opened a crack this morn & the birds are singing & our chime is ringing a song from the wind...
Bill saw a wild turkey on his walk this morn... a big one at that. i told him we are to see robins now, not turkeys... =)
is not mother nature ~ GOD's ~ colors just gorgeous? ... i love this pic of the sweet flowers in my yard... soon i will be able to take the 2010 pics of my yard & my love of nature!
it is almost friday agin, sweet friends... the time just flys! have a wonderful creative day!
hugs & blessings, humble ♥

Monday, March 8

~♥ me at almost three ♥♥♥

i found this pic awhile back. i see all these pics put on the blogs... & thought this might be ok.
i am almost 3. pic taken in 1956.
love the plaid & all the rick rack. i believe my mom or g'ma made the dress. i also had on the black patent shoes with the girly white soxs with lace... still love the lace & rick rack!
i can remember going to bed with bobby pins to hold the curls... remember those? probably do not sell them anymore...
found also some old coins that were silver dollars & mom wrote on them in pencil from my 3rd birthday. looked at them on Christmas eve with the kidz here. really loved finally getting them, & then looking at them ... realizing as Shanna said, 'Owen is three...' funnie how that happened. i cried coz i knew it was a "GOD" thing.... thank*U!
like ms sandy said to me this morn... have yourself a happy lil' monday! to you my friends...
~♥~ hugs & blessings, humble ♥ ~♥~

Wednesday, March 3

~♥~ there's a theme going on here...~♥~

Awhile back we had been blessed by a wonderful announcement....

Our son, ♥ Kyle & daughter*in*love♥ Shanna told us that we would be g'pa & g'ma again...
Lil' Owen would be a big brother................ &

were told that when they did find out what the baby would be ~ they were keeping it secret... ♥

well.............. can u tell what the baby will be??? they could not keep a secret & this g'ma is tickled PINK!!!!! WE ARE SOOO BLESSED!!! keep Shanna & the baby "girl" in your prayers!
hugs & blessings, humblepink♥

Monday, March 1

~♥~ HOPE ~♥~

We had sucha wonderful week*end with lil' "O"... g'ma misses him sooo much. He is soo much fun... & sucha smartie! They know at 3 years old much more than i do now... kinda scarey... but at least he can teach me! poor lil' o has a big job ahead of him then... =)
i was looking thru some pics & saw these... it is dreary here today with lotsa snow still to melt... hey it is march now!!! so we will "HOPE" for nicer weather... it could always be worse ~ so for that i am grateful... as well as many other things...
we went 'junkin' yesterday morn to the fairgrounds where they had a flea market. have not gone to this one in years! had a good time & found some goodies! of course! some jewelry, old books, a wonderful half ledger with awesome handwriting from the 30's, watch faces & pieces, i have this thing right now about rosaries {rosary} jewelry with the crosses & found some beauties! i have them in our bedroom & bath that we just redone this past winter... pics later...
what i find soo amazing is how God winds His LOVE in His Presence... HOPE... is always there... i have a beautiful guardian angel ~ my mom ~♥~ who has been in Heaven now 7 years.... feb. 27th.
i when i find something as LOVE note ~HOPE~
i found a package of religious cards from a vendor. that were note cards, not folded, just a card front, smaller than an index card. i believe from a retreat from the signage on the back.... the front is gorgeous with Jesus knocking on a door.. with almost mother of pearl reflection on this card, just beautiful! with the verse, Behold I stand at the door and knock. P-16 on it... {HOPE!!! } the fonts are soo cool, too. the back has a writing about the I.C.A. retreat with a blessing... the neat thing about it... i was thinking of mom with HOPE & blessings, and on the back of this one lil' card it was dated 2/28/39! yesterdays' date was 2/28/10! LOVE it when that happens!
"HOPE" all of you have a wonderful monday... create & do something fun!
hugs & blessings humble ♥
~♥~LOVE & MISS YOU MOM! ~♥~ WITH ALL MY LOVE!~♥~ with "HOPE" to see you again...