Friday, October 10

~ my 'lil 'o' s.... ~

what can i say? to see such delight in a little boy & a puppy. spent a wonderful day with my precious grandson owen & he wanted to see otis. we took a walk & played & tried to eat corn stalks laying in the path. i dunno who had more fun? grandson, puppy, yep they did! but i think i had the most fun. i am truly blessed. have a lovely, wonderful week*end & enjoy life! humble ♥

Tuesday, October 7

~ doesn't this make you wanna smile ??? ~

does this 'lil face just make you wanna smile??? this is 'otis' our new four-legged fur angel. he is ten weeks old, born july 31st. a brown & white shih-tzu. it has almost been 10 years since we had a 'lil fur ball baby in the house. the other members of the fur family are not sure of him yet, but are slowly coming around. he is sucha good little puppy & we are really loving & enjoying 'otis' ! now we have two 'lil 'o's. our 'lil grandson 'owen' picked the 'otis' name from many we had... owen is sooo precious to us!!! maam'ma gets to see her 'lil 'o' tomorrow & he wants me to bring otis along... so will get pics! have a blessed & wonderful wednesday! humble ♥

~ still trying to git this 'puter fixed... ~

i soo miss my blogging & trying to comment on my friend's blogs... as of yesterday & dayz of calling & all passing the buck as to what is wrong... will see if this works. still git a black screen when trying to git to different blogs or locations. but fer now, at least it is letting me write & so far has not lost a connection. ~ too complicated fer me! just want it to work & enjoy so it is not a hassle. been busy with painting furniture, gitting fall fun things out & going to fun places... hopefully i can git my pics loaded & show you things i have been up to. been out & about with sharon of sweet repose & if u check out her blog you will see the wonderful pics she takes!! i also caved & got a new baby... it was a puppy that just caught my heart ♥ strings. i will post a pic of lil 'otis' later. he was gonna be wilson, since i was with wilson, she bought a wood box with wilson, and we past a street called wilson, actually 2 times since my radar of direction was off, so was my head to git a puppy! therefore the name 'otis' 'o' for 'oh' 't' for 'this ' 'i' for 'is' 's' for 'silly' or i guess 's' could be stupid & lotsa other things. and our grandson lil 'o' owen liked otis, too. so 'otis' it is! it was a puppy or cupboard, my hubby said i did not need either one... true... but... more later... have a wonderful creative tuesday m'friends. blessings & hugs ~ humble ♥