Wednesday, December 31

~ may your new year be filled with love ~

may your new year be filled with joy, peace, & love. to have carefree thoughts as my 'lil "o" 's. being thank*ful for each day ~ to remember to count your blessings ~ in everything give thanks!much love, many hugs & blessings to all! humble ♥

Saturday, December 27

~ crazy, crazy weather!!! ~

is this december? or spring? whatever... for now it is 50 degrees!!! so thought i post a flowery pic since it is soo balmy out. kinda weird ... monday went to see my lil 'o' & it was 10 degrees below zero! with wind chills 30-40 below zero. last nite we went to see the lil 'o' & kidz & it was soooo foggy but yet windy! with all the snow the foggy was just rolling ~ it looked like snow blowing, could not even see the tail lites when a car passed on the interstate. we were fortunate that we were familiar with the interstate & the exits or we woulda missed the one we needed. prayers were for the ones traveling last nite & this week-end with the holiday. what a difference a coupla days make here in ioway! it is to git cold agin by afternoon with ice storm warnings ~ it is rainy & changing over to sleet & snow. a roller coaster ride of weather. ' lil otis was confused, too. the first time it snowed he looked at me, like where did the grass go? now he is familiar with snow. today when he went out he looked at me as if to ask where did the snow go? now it is all grass agin... too funnie... =) just stick around the weather will change agin, usually in a short period of time. humble ♥

Thursday, December 25

~ ♥ a verrie merrie CHRISTmas ♥ ~

a beautiful merrie CHRISTmas to all!!! this is one of many beautiful hand-dids i recieved from my beautiful & talented daughter - in - love.... will post more pics later of our Christmas but for now...

our son, kyle & his son, owen ~ our lil 'o' putting on some of the higher ornaments & tree topper...

this was my 'lil 'o' decorating the tree! he was really concentrating! he had a few items on some branches, some backwards, some upside down ~ some with no decorations & some with many... i just left them the way he did it. it made me smile every time i saw the tree ~ love the lil guy sooo much. don't u love his charlie brown t-shirt? sucha cutie!

this is my santa riding his crow i made this year. i just love the way he turndt out! it is much better in person, his face is adorable! i love the message above, too, on the shelf ~ in everything give thanks ~

merrie CHRISTmas dear friends! this is a wool santa mat i have made. i change the kitchen island every season & have the small vintage drawer there & spell out seasonal messages for the holidays... or for the time of the year... hope all are having a wonderful holiday with family,friends & loved ones! and let every ♥ heart ♥ prepare room for Him this day & always ~ humble ♥

Sunday, December 21

~ the other days were cold, but this was a frigid Sunday ~

we were really blessed today, Sunday, that the power stayed on. sometimes the wind gusts were over 20 mph & the wind chill was 30 below. ground blizzard conditions & with more snow north it was much worse. it was good to be able to cozy in. had to only walk once with ruger early in the morn. and did not have to go far since he realized it was sooo cold, too. the other times hubby had the cold pleasure. the 'lil otis just goes out & does his thing & comes right back in... sucha good puppy! hubby is on call with the power company & had to go out in the afternoon for a few hours. did not envy him at all. love snow but this was wayyy too cold. roads are all ice packed & slick. many accidents with the blowing snow over the icy spots. hopefully for travelers tomorrow the roads will be better & the winds will not be so strong! * keep warm & toasty thoughts ~ humble ♥

Friday, December 19

~ another visit from the brrrrr *angels* ~

we seem to be in another pattern here with the ice & snow like last year December. it is really very pretty with the glistening & all. * mother natures' bling * i do feel bad for the people who have to travel every day in this kind of weather. especially now with the holidays & the merchants/vendors for the big holiday sales. i am so grateful that i am able to stay home when the roads are bad. i will take my walks in this beautiful snow & scoop/clean the walk & driveway ~ but not drive ~ unless i have to. the ice is very thick & of course i am not real fond of slipping - sliding around walking then. i have been enjoying baking & candy making, finishing up wrapping presents. there is always something to do. i am so blessed ~ to be able to do what i love & enjoy all the wonderful beauty & smells of the season. remembering & being thankful for the reason of the season! ~ *may Gods' love & peace comfort you always* ~ humble♥

Monday, December 15

~ baby it is cold outside! ~

you gotta love mother nature! yesterday, Sunday, here in Iowa it was 53 degrees... it dropped several degrees in the afternoon after being that warm into the 20's very quickly. we had rain showers, then freezing rain, thunder & lightning & very windy. by then everything was freezing. by my last walk in the afternoon the drops went to dripping to freezing! this morning it is in the minus degrees with wind chills minus teens to twenty! very refreshing (re-freezing) walks!!! i am soo grateful that i am able to git out & about & enjoy the seasons. i will go & walk, but not drive! i am even more grateful for the warm house ~ cozy atmosphere inside! the warm coffee with toffee creamer helps, too! love it! have a wonderful cozy monday! humble ♥

Wednesday, December 10

~ the wonderful seasons of iowa ~

looking thru some of my pics i noticed that i had pics of the yard in the summer & now with the snow. you can see how hot it was the day my lil 'o' was squirting the water ~ he loved playing with the hose! will have to post some more of the watering pics later. it was probably in the upper 80's that day that owen was 'helping water plants' ~ with the snow & rain (ice) we got yesterday, it is to be 16 degrees tonite. they are saying upper 40's on sunday. crazy weather... like the saying goes, stay for another day ~ the weather will be different tomorrow. something like that... have a wonderful thursday m'friends. humble♥

Tuesday, December 9

~ a snowy hello ~

we had a gorgeous snowfall one sunday morn. it was the very pretty covered everything snowfall. i love it when it snows like that. when i walked it was soo beautiful with it just covering all the branches, fences, railings ~ so lovely. i am so grateful to be able to see & enjoy Gods' beauty in every day. lil otis went outside looking for the grass to do his potty duty & did not know what to think... the sidewalks were still warm so not as much snow so he decided that the sidewalk would work. since we have gotten more snow ~ otis decided he loves it now & is hard to git to come inside 'coz he knows he has to git wiped off & doesn't care for that much. sucha snow magnet is he! otis is a wonderful puppy. so loveable & very mellow fellow. he has his silly spells & how he makes me laugh. the other furry members of the family are adjusting to the newest member. some times are better than others but they all seem to git along well. have a wonderful tuesday friends! humble ♥