Sunday, August 24

~ i enjoy my flowers ~

today was another gorgeous iowa day. usually this time of the year everything is getting dried up & the humidity is un-bearable to be outside. it was a wonderful day to be out & enjoy mother natures' lovely flowers! i cleaned one of the flower beds today & enjoyed the lovely weather. you can tell the days are getting shorter & that fall is not far behind. hope everyone has a blessed week. humble ♥

Friday, August 22

~ a fun friday with m'friend ~

i am truly blessed to have such nice friends in my life. today my friend sharon of sweet repose asked me to ride along on her wonderful trip to kalona & to anamosa to deliver her 'treasured finds', her yummy scented candles, & wonderful soaps. she has the most yummy*est smelling truck in iowa! when we lived on the outskirts of iowa city ~ i frequently went to sisters' & i have known sharon for as many years, too, with her wonderful shops. i love them! so it was good to ride along! this time we went to a different one that was sooo me! primitives & rustic! of course i find something & put on layaway. you know i am the layaway queen ~ that way u have'ta go back & get to check it out again! =) sharon took some pics, check them out on her blog - sweet repose. thank*u again m'dear. humble♥

Wednesday, August 20

~ take the time to notice the flowers ~

i dunno where the time goes ~ but it is almost friday again! i just had to take time to mention the flowers & how much beauty surrounds us! if we wait too long another season has passed & we may miss another lovely flower that makes us smile. i have been wayyy to busy cleaning, organizing & just busy stuff. but i am soo thank-ful for natures' beauty no matter what the season & get out daily to enjoy it. have a wonderful thursday & hope you enjoy the lovely daily blessings ~ humble ♥ heart

Friday, August 8

~ contest entry ~

for my entry i used a blank small composition book, the 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 size. covered it with the pretty blue card stock. i shrank the lovely image & deckle scissors cut it out. i covered the binding of the comp book with a piece of vintage lace & added a piece of the pretty blue yarn with a small silver heart embellishment attached. i also put a silver heart on the image in the circles. then before gluing on the image i darkened the edges of the book & image & the letters i stamped & cut out. sepia accents were applied to the key on the image for some dimension. this image was so pretty as it was & thought this small journal was a good idea. ~ this is such a blessing to be able to create & enter this contest. i find it a challenge to get something done. it is not about the winning (altho that would be great!) i can see possibilities in the images we are given & it is a wonderful way to accomplish an art piece. i have many things i want to do ~ mebbe i should give it all a deadline? ~ it would push me to accomplish more art pieces... ? humble ♥ heart

Sunday, August 3

~ sucha sweet blessing ...

one afternoon a week or so ago i heard this high pitched little noise in our garage. i have heard it before ~ so i knew it was a 'lil hummer. it seems every year one gets stranded in our garage. i know i need to catch the precious little sweetie ~ to get them to some flowers for nourishment. they are soo quick, but seem to know to have me catch them to get them out into God's lovely nature, to replenish their energy. this 'lil one just posed for me ~ i was so grateful & thankful to have been blessed by one of many of His wonderful creations... humble♥