Thursday, February 3

~♥cat scratch fever?♥~

doesn't she look pretty & oh soo innocent in her basket with blankie & sleeping?  this is my phoebe...she was the outcast of the litter of kittens we had when we lived in fort dodge. her brothers & sisters got fed, but she was pushed aside. i fed her & kept her by me in bed at nites since they picked on her. she will be 17!  phoebe still jumps up on the bed at nite, but doesn't stay up there, she has not for years.  she loves her basket & sleeps alot {which cats do anyhow} & really doesn't get around & do much anymore...she has long hair & was getting very matted. so i grabbed the curry comb {the only one that works fast & gets thru her tangles quickly} we were doing fine & was almost done & had hit a knot...well, now i have a swollen knuckle & scratch where she bit me...nailed me good!  she knew she did wrong, have not seen her much today, but now is back in her basket...and i prolly have cat scratch fever!
wow! where did the week go again??? friday tomorrow~have a good one!

anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.  the old life is gone;a new life has begun!
{2 Cor.5:17}

our greatest beginning is our new life in Christ;it is the beginning of eternal life.
hugs & blessings, humble♥


Gatherings said...

Yes I will save you one. Email me before you come to make sure I will be there. Thanks Wanda

kathy said...

Hope you guys are snug -oops sounds like an owie -- still running all week - will slow down soon -- our church launch is sunday -- so will chat next week !! Hugz all around Kathy - ga ♥