Monday, February 7

~♥ Valentines' day heart shaped red velvet cupcakes♥~

♥Every valentine's day I make heart shaped cupcakes.♥
Most of the time I do vanilla ones with vanilla frosting tinted pink.  These pics are of the ones I made last year.  Red velvet cake mix with white frosting... yum! yum!  Since valentines' day is getting closer, a week from today, I better get busy & get some made for my sweeties! Just will have to decide on red velvet ones again or vanilla ones.  H'mmmmmmmmm...
To be very cold again, in the single digits so cupcake baking may be in order!
Hope you are keeping warm & cozy! ♥Valentines' Day is next monday!♥ Did we not just have Christmas? Time flys! Have a great one!

*In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.
                                              {John 1:1}

God always existed; He has no beginning. That is why He is God. Eternity preceded the beginning of time & succeeds the end of time.
hugs & blessings, humble♥


Rug Cottage and Iowa Barntiques Antique Mall said...

Hi Sweetie,

Red Velvet Cupcakes... what a southern treat. I know they tasted just as good as they looked. It's suppose to be -8 in the morning. Keep those home fires burning to keep warm. Just got home from 2 basketball games of the boys. John has a roaring fire in our fireplace and we've broke out the chocolate and coffee.

Love Ya

kathy said...

OH girl looks very yummy -- I love red velvet cake -- ♥-- Still in babyland here -- and loving it -- creating for church and mission -- but ned to do Valentines for my babies and Grands and Grown up -- everyone loves chocolate !! KAthy - ga ♥