Saturday, February 12

~♥nashville here we come & darling i'll be home soon♥~

i am soo fortunate for sucha wonderful hubby! each year for valentines' day {& every once in awhile one for 'just because'} i recieve a beautiful red rose! they smell soo good & am happy with just can only enjoy them one at a time anyhow {as i told hubby} even tho i have told him not to buy them, he still does!i take the time to smell the rose & see the beauty & the love it was given to me by my hubby!     ♥LoVe YoU MoRe♥

early monday morning {♥valentines'day♥} we will be leaving for nashville. Barb from has been asked to come to the heart of country antique show, to exhibit all her wonderful antiques & treasures!  she is an amazing gal,that i am soo happy to call my friend & one of my earth angels! she has some fun, awesome shows at her home a few times a year, that i love to attend & soo enjoy! Barb mentioned going awhile back & i said i would go! but did not commit to it, til a coupla weeks ago, when i saw her at her 'too cool' booth at anamosa.

We are  staying at the Gaylord Opryland. I soo enjoyed it when we went ~ all the plants & trees & waterfalls. it is an amazing place to see {heaven on earth} it is acres & acres under one roof, with rooms & balconies, amazing places to shop, restaurants. gorgeous place! 
Bill & I usually take day trips, so have not really been 'away' in quite some time. we went there {february} when Bill had a conference with work, 8 years ago, almost to the day & the year after my mom died.{february} so it is really ironic happening again almost at the same time. it will be three years since dad died, & the long estate battle with my x-brother,{just over in sept}. a God thing! =) of the timing to be going to the same place, again, about the same time, 8 years later!{february}

Today Bill won tickets to see Lovin' Spoonful... remember them? at first I said I have too much to do, but thought better of it, since I will be gone... We usually do not do very much, so this was kinda fun. They were a bit draggin' in the beginning, but really picked up the pace later. the drum solo was awesome! {wish i could play like that!} played nashville cats & thought that was cool to hear the name nashville what with me going there! so with that i will leave you with the song i loved...
*darling be home soon*
 ♥{next sunday in fact!}♥

*If we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ*

We must maintain the confident faith we had when we first believed. When we start our new life in Christ,we must finish strong.
hugs & blessings, humble♥


kathy said...

Hey sweet GUrl -- saw the posting by your friend - Loved seeing the pictures of the booth and all of you !! CHAt soon - lots of babysitting of Both GRands -- will chat soon Kathy - ga ♥

simplyiowa said...

Hey Vikki!
Thanks sooo much... for Being...just Being....
You are an amazing Angel....
and...are so very Loved!
Thanks for Everything!
My Love to You!
Barb C.