Thursday, April 30

~ happy may day ~

i want to wish everyone a ' happy may day' ... i love the sweet wood violets i found on my walk. we have had alot of rain ~ so the april showers have brought the may flowers & everything is soo green, lush, & beautiful. i have always loved & am amazed, that no matter how cold, severe the weather ~ the flowers & all of mother nature just can pop out after the winters we have. we are soo blessed to enjoy all of God's beauty once agin. take the time to enjoy the flowers, the birds singing, the fresh aire we breathe ~ thank*u Jesus, for all the lovely blessings. have a wonderful friday m'sweet friends. hugs & blessings, humble♥

Monday, April 20

Ron & JoAnnA

Easter Loves ♥

i hope everyone had a hoppy Easter!
i know we sure did! could not post without showing my two lil' "o"s ! it was a beautiful day on saturday when we had our Easter last week. owen had soo much fun finding the eggs, as did otis helping him! they are soo cute together.

gitting in a lil "o" kissin' for my Easter!

Sunday, April 19

another post? more dolls?

well, it has been awhile since i have been on here so, i thought i would do yet another post... these three lil' babies were bisque heads & a bisque sailor boy. the two gals i put on bottles. the lil' girl wears a tag saying 'sweet' on it with a crystal type flower on her head. her bow is from a vintage doll i had. vintage laces & trims, on both of the bottles & are filled with vintage beads, glitter, and tinsel. the blue 'mom' tagged bottle wears her blue bling jewels & lace stiffened crown. the lil' sailor boy sits on a vintage alphabet block with the letter 's' and added 'ail' for 'sail' and the other side of the block had the letter 'a' so put 'way' for 'away' so sail away... also added an ol' brass button with an anchor on it, too. these projects i have been working on have been alot of fun. soo different from what i have usually done. so this week, step out of your usual zone & try something new. you never know, u may like it. have a creative, wonderful monday m'dear friends. humble♥heart

~ my purpose doll ~ walk by faith, not by sight ~

joanna had picked a theme for the month ' what is your purpose.' so this is my doll. her base is a door knob wrapped with lace & ribbons with a key & buttons. i added one of moms' hankies & used a piece from her wedding dress, the satin & lace. vintage hardware pieces & jewelry & paper roses were used, too. her lil' arms & the cross are from a china doll piece i accidently dropped & broke, but saved it. it spoke to me to use on her. i love ♥ how that happens. ~ Look to God first ~ He is in control. I looked at my problems first & blamed God. He showed me He permitted these things in my life for a reason. He is a just God who will turn the situation to that which is good & right. my purpose ~ to walk by faith, with a humble heart. ♥

~ where o' where have i been? ~

yep, it has been awhile. hope this finds everyone doing well. have had things going on in my life ~ with my health & family, like everyone else. will mebbe write more about that at another time. prayerfully all will be okay ~ God is in control. i have been still doing joannas' online classes. they have truly been a blessing to me at this time. wonderful therapy. these workshops are amazing. if you git a chance, check them out. the finished artworks ~ bottles, dolls, tattered threads, canvas ~ all the workshops are amazing! such beautiful talents are shown. * this i made in memory of my mom. she loved butterflies so she had this metal butterfly hanging in the window of the farm house with the crystals in it, catching the light. i used it for her wings. added the heart lacey doily & hankie, with other lace pieces & a necklace chain of hers with some charms i added that i knew she loved. 'flutter~bye' for now, mom. love u. miss u. humble♥heart