Friday, August 28

~ another drizzle-ley day ~

It is a good thing there are bright pictures that I have taken... since the sun has not been out ~ it is good to see these... the heavy rains have stopped. Thank *U God. We went to see our lil' "O" last nite. The creeks were all overflowing! Unbelieveable how green & lush everything is this summer! I have not had to water the lawn once this summer, very unusual! But I love how beautiful everything looks! These are my sweetpeas, that I have by our basement door. The morning glories love to grow right along with them! Love seeing them everytime I go out to walk. Such a pretty sight that makes me smile... I am soo grateful for that! Hope this makes you smile & it is Friday again! Double smiles... =) =) Have a great & beautiful friday!
Hugs & Blessings, Humble♥

Thursday, August 27

~ some brightness on a rainy day ~

It has been raining/drizzling the past two days here in Ioway! Some areas are reporting record rain falls agin. It is always a scare for alot of the Iowa people who have gone through major flooding just a year ago... Kyle, our son, just sent us a pic of his rain gauge & it had over 7 inches in it since yesterday! We have not had that much, but it has rained alot it seems...
I thought I would send out a cheery pics of my brown-eyed susans this summer. They are always soo bright & pretty. I had a bucket that the bottom rusted out, so just set it around the one plant I have in the one part of my flower bed. Can not throw away a perfectly good bucket just because the bottom is gone! Hope all are having a wonderful week! Can not believe it is almost Friday again!!!
Hugs & Blessings, humble♥

Friday, August 21

~ my lil' rainman & furry friends ~

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of our lil' 'o' for the week*end... love the lil' guy soo much!!! on Friday it rained & rained & rained. With doggies I have to let them out. It was a cool rain ~ the kind with no lightning or thunder... (my kind of rain) Yep, I do love rainy days! I had this hooded sweatshirt that was my mom's ( I know she was smiling on us when Owen was wearing it!) I wear it, now, but that day it was for Owen...
I received a wonderful e*mail today from my friend Nellie... about rain. It reminded me of that Friday. Isn't a blessing how we get the messages? How God works in our lives? Just two weeks ago it rained on Friday & today, Friday again ~ we are having rain showers.
How blessed I was to walk in the rain & splash in puddles with my lil' buddy. We laughed & giggled at how high the water was when our feet hit the puddles! As Nellies' e-mail stated we must have needed a washing. It was priceless...!!!
So even tho your day may give you puddles, just splash thru them & dance like a child!
hugs & blessings, humble♥

Thursday, August 20

~ school has started once agin... ~

When I go thru my pics & see how things have grown ~ I am amazed at how fast time flys! It seems like the kids just got out of school for the summer & I just got some plants in. Today the kids in the neighborhood were off for school agin! I am soo enjoying the beautiful sights of my flowers... Another summer... & before we know it ~ it is another summer past... take the time to enjoy your summer day.
hugs & blessings, humble♥

Wednesday, August 19


Somedays I feel like I do not accomplish much... which is very true! Earlier this year we have had some gorgeous weather days... we had a record cool July! So I took advantage of that & painted some of the furniture finds I had from over the years. I think if I am not outside & not seen by the neighbors ~ they call to see if I am ok... gotta love. that! As you can see, also, the purple verbena flower bed just starting to bloom in the backgound, too. I have some more furniture pics to post later as with other things. The pic above is a wool background with all wool appliques. I made it for Kyle & Shanna. (they really liked it!) The colors are more deep & rich than this pic shows... I really enjoy working with wool & painting small furniture & distressing it ~ I am soo blessed to do what I love! To be able to see & do things with my hands ~ those are blessings! For everything I am soo grateful. I hope you get to do something today that you really enjoy! hugs & blessings, humble ♥

Tuesday, August 18

~ my treat everyday...~

It sure doesn't seem like it is August... but looking back at my flower pics and seeing their growth ~ summer is going fast! These purple verbena must like this flower bed... I know I sure love seeing them everyday. They draw the butterflies... who stop to say 'hi'! The flowers are soo lovely this year ~ I know I say that every year! I just love seeing my flowers & plants with my treasures mixed in with them. It is my special treat for me & just wanted to share with you m'friends. I have more pics to post later... Have a treat-filled day! hugs & blessings, humble♥

Friday, August 14

~ my lil' o.k. boy treats jar ~

I think all lil' boys need treats... don't you? This was an old jar I found. It was especially wide at the top, which was even better for grabbing more treats for the little hands to find. I was so excited to find it, because lil' Owen's initials are O.K. for Owen Kinnick... so it had to be, right? It started out as a herring jar. I had these adorable chipboard shapes ~ firetrucks, baseball players, words, etc. I especially loved them, because they had the design on both sides, so when the glue dried, you could see the image on the inside as well! I glued them on with my tacky glue. To the glass jar and the metal lid. After letting them dry I put a coat of mod podge on the top of the chip board pieces to protect them and carefully around each chipboard piece where it met with the glass container to seal them. I did the same on the lid, and sanded in areas to distress it, and to take off wording that the chipboard pieces did not cover. Owen was called 'champ' by my dad, Kyles' grapa, lil' Owens' great-grapa... My dad loved his sweets, as do I, and Kyle & boy o' boy does Owen love his sweets/snacks! Owen loves his own lil' treats jar. Now will have to get a picture of him with his hand in the jar! Have a wonderful Friday & week-end... may it be filled with many sweet treats! hugs & blessings ~ humble♥

Thursday, August 13

~ HOPE ~

This is a pic of my bench earlier in the season, now it is full of mums in bloom, and the brown-eyed susans! I am always in awe of how things grow ~ amazed at how they survive the harsh winters, and relentless heat of summer... "hope" you are having a great Thursday friends... hugs & blessings, humble♥